How do I check for malware or viruses that could be slowing down my computer?

1. Run a full system scan with an antivirus or malware removal tool. It is important to use a reputable tool that is regularly updated to detect the latest threats.

2. Scan your computer for any malicious software such as spyware, adware, and Trojans. Make sure the software you use can detect all the threats and remove them.

3. Check for discrepancies in your installed programs, such as strange toolbars or unfamiliar programs that may have been installed without your knowledge. Uninstall them if necessary.

4. Check your startup programs to see if anything is launching automatically when you boot up your computer. Eliminate unnecessary tasks.

5. Monitor your network traffic to identify any malicious activity.

6. Limit access to your computer to make sure only trusted users can access it.

7. Make sure your operating system and software are regularly updated to protect against the latest threats.