How do I check the system properties of my computer?

To check the system properties of your computer, you will first need to open the Start menu. Once you have done this, search for “System Information” and select the matching result. This will open the System Information window.

In the System Information window, there are several categories of information that you can access. These include:

• System Summary – This will give you a general overview of the hardware and software components of your system.

• Components – This will allow you to view specific component information about your system, such as processor type and manufacturer, system type, amount of RAM installed, and more.

• Hardware Resources – This subsection will provide you with details about the various hardware elements of your system, such as I/O ports and memory allocation.

• Network – This subsection will display any network and Internet settings associated with your system.

• Software Environment – This section will let you view information about your system’s installed applications and programs.

• Startup and Recovery – This subsection will let you view the settings associated with how your computer starts up and recovers from critical errors.

• Tools – This subsection provides a few tools that may be useful in troubleshooting and diagnosing your system.

Once you have accessed the System Information window, you can easily find out what your system properties are. You can also use the System Information window to view more detailed information about certain aspects of your computer, such as its processor or installed memory. Additionally, this window can be used to access a variety of other helpful settings and tools related to the maintenance and optimization of your system.