How do I clean up my computer to make it run faster?

1. Uninstall unused programs – Uninstalling programs you do not use can free up space on your hard drive and help your computer run faster.

2. Delete Temporary Files – Deleting temporary files, such as internet history, cookies, and caches will help your computer run faster as they are taking up space on your hard drive.

3. Defragment your hard drive – This helps to organize files stored on your hard drive, which makes it easier for your computer to access them and therefore speeds up the time taken to open a program or file.

4. Ensure you have enough RAM – Increasing your RAM can dramatically boost the speed of your computer, since it allows more programs to be opened at one time without slowing down the system.

5. Run an anti-virus scan – Having an old or out-of-date virus scanner can slow down your computer, so it’s important to keep it updated. Running a scan can also detect viruses or malware that could be slowing down your computer.