How do I clean up my start-up programs to improve my computer’s performance?

1. Identify and Uninstall Unwanted Programs: Start by going through the programs that launch when your computer starts up and decide which are essential, which you use regularly and which you don’t need or want. Uninstall any that you do not need or want.

2. Disable Unnecessary Apps: You can also disable unnecessary startup apps using the Task Manager on Windows or System Preferences on Mac OS.

3. Turn Off Visual Effects: Some programs are designed to run in the background even when you don’t need them. To disable these, open the Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) and find the Startup tab. From here, you can disable or delay programs that you don’t need to run on boot.

4. Clean Up Your Hard Drive: To give your computer a performance boost, free up as much storage space as possible by getting rid of old files, programs and documents you don’t use anymore.

5. Remove Malware and Viruses: If there is malicious software installed on your computer, it can slow its performance down drastically. To clean up your hard drive, install and run an anti-virus and malware program.

6. Update Your Drivers: Keeping your drivers updated to their latest versions can also help improve your computer’s performance. Check for driver updates in Device Manager or use a driver updater program.