How do I convert a docx file into a PDF?

The simplest way to convert a docx file into PDF is to use a free online converter such as or

1. To use, open the page in any web browser and select the “Word to PDF” converter.

2. Click “Choose File” and select the docx file that you wish to convert into PDF.

3. Then click “Convert” to initiate the conversion process. The converted PDF will appear in the next page.

4. Download the PDF file and save it to your computer.

Using is similarly easy—simply open the website, choose the docx file from your computer, select “PDF” as the output format, enter your email address for delivery of the file, and click “Convert”. The converted PDF file will be emailed to you.

Many popular word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word and Apple Pages, also provide users the tools to directly convert their documents from docx to PDF format. To do this, open the docx file in the program and select “Save as” (or “Export as” for Apple Pages) and choose “PDF” as the format. Then simply click “Save” or “Export” to complete the conversion.