How do I convert a text file to a PDF file in Windows?

The easiest way to convert a text file to a PDF file in Windows is to use a PDF printer driver.

A PDF printer driver is a software program that lets you print documents to a PDF file, instead of printing them to a physical printer. The driver takes the document that you are trying to print, and instead of printing it to paper, it converts the document into a PDF file.

To install a PDF printer driver, follow these steps:

1. Download and install a PDF printer driver. There are several to choose from; one option is the free PDF printer driver from pdf995 (link in Resources).

2. Once the printer driver is installed, open the text document that you want to convert to a PDF file.

3. Go to the “File” menu and select “Print”.

4. In the Print dialog box, select the PDF printer driver as your printer.

5. Click “OK” to start the conversion.

6. A new window will appear and prompt you to save the PDF file. Give it a name and click “Save”.

Your text document has now been converted to a PDF file. You can view it with any PDF viewing program, such as Adobe Reader.

By using a PDF printer driver, you can quickly and easily convert any text document to a PDF file.