How do I delete multiple files simultaneously in Windows?

There are a few options for deleting multiple files from a Windows PC simultaneously.

1) Using the Command Prompt:
The Command Prompt, or CMD, is a powerful command-line interpreter that allows users to perform a variety of advanced system actions with simple commands. To delete multiple files using the Command Prompt, follow these steps:

a) Open the Command Prompt. To do this, press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box. Then type “cmd” into the search bar and press Enter.

b) Use the “del” command to delete the files. To do this, type “del [filename]” into the command prompt. You can add as many filenames as you want; simply separate each one with a space. For example, to delete three files named “file1.txt,” “file2.txt,” and “file3.txt” from the current directory, you would type this into the command prompt:

“del file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt”

c) Confirm the deletion of the files. CMD will prompt you to confirm the deletion of each file. Simply press Y for yes (or A for all if you want to delete every file without having to confirm each one).

2) Using the Windows File Explorer (Windows 10):
The File Explorer in Windows 10 makes it easy to delete multiple files quickly. To do this, follow these steps:

a) Open the File Explorer. To do this, press the Windows key + E on your keyboard.

b) Select the files. To select files, click on the first file you want to delete and then Ctrl + click each additional file you want to delete. You can also press and hold the Shift key and click two files to select everything in between. Once you’ve selected all the files you want to delete, release the Shift key.

c) Right-click on one of the selected files and select the “Delete” option. This will delete all the files you selected.

3) Using a Third-Party Application:
If you have more than 2000 files you need to delete, you may find it easier to use a third-party application. There are a variety of free programs available that can be used to delete multiple files quickly and easily. For example, FileShredder is a free tool that can be used to delete multiple files at once. It has an easy-to-use user interface and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.