How do I free up disk space to speed up my PC?

1. Uninstall unused programs – Use the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel to uninstall any programs that you don’t use or need. This can free up hundreds of megabytes of space immediately.

2. Clean up temporary files – Temporary files, such as temp files and other application-generated data can take up a huge amount of space. Use a disk cleanup tool to clean them up.

3. Move files to an external drive – If you have lots of large files, such as videos and photos, consider investing in an external hard drive or USB stick and transferring them there. This will free up valuable disk space on your internal hard drive.

4. Limit your system restore points – System Restore allows you to roll back your computer to an earlier state, but it uses up disk space in the process. Limit the number of restore points or turn off System Restore entirely.

5. Disable hibernation – Hibernation is a feature that allows you to save the state of your computer to a file and power down your machine. However, this file takes up a lot of space. If you don’t need it, turn it off.

6. Install an SSD – Finally, if all else fails, consider upgrading your hard drive to a solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives and provide an instant boost to your computer’s performance.