How do I install more RAM to speed up my PC?

1. Determine if your PC is compatible with more RAM. Check the manufacturer’s website or user manual for the maximum amount of RAM your PC can support.

2. Purchase RAM that fits your PC’s specifications. Make sure you purchase RAM of the same type and speed as the RAM already installed.

3. Power down your PC and unplug all cables.

4. Open your PC case and locate the RAM slots.

5. Remove any existing RAM from the slots.

6. Insert the new RAM into the empty slots. Make sure the notches on the RAM match the notches in the RAM slots.

7. Secure the RAM in the slots. Depending on the type of RAM, this may require a latch or screws.

8. Replace the case cover and reconnect all cables.

9. Power on your PC and follow the prompts to install the new RAM.