How do I make my Windows 10 computer recognize handwriting input?

To enable handwriting input on Windows 10, you must first install the Windows 10 Handwriting Recognition Pack. This pack can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Handwriting Recognition Pack, open the Start Menu and type “Pen & Windows Ink” into the search box. This will bring up the Pen & Windows Ink Settings window.

In the Pen & Windows Ink Settings window, enable the toggle switch for Handwriting Recognition. This will then enable your computer to recognize up to 2000 words in your handwriting.

You can also adjust any other settings related to handwriting input from this window as well. For example, you can change the handwriting recognition language or enable automatic correction. You can also enable the Ink Workspace for quicker access to the handwriting recognition settings.

Once handwriting recognition is enabled, you can start using it. To do this, click the pen icon in the taskbar, and then select the “Convert Handwriting to Text” option. A whiteboard-like area will appear on your screen, where you can start jotting down what you want to type. Your handwriting will then be converted to text and appear in the text box below the whiteboard. Once you are done typing, you can click the Enter button, and your text will be saved.