How do I open a Word document on Windows?

To open a Word document in Windows, you will need a version of Microsoft Office that includes the Word application. Once you have a version of Microsoft Office installed, there are several methods you can use to open a Word document.

1. Click the Start menu and type in “Word” into the search box. The search will find the Microsoft Word application. Double-click on it to open the program. You can then click File > Open and select the Word document you want to open, or you can drag and drop the document file onto the Word window.

2. If you know where the Word document is stored, you can go to that location in Windows Explorer and double-click the file to open it with Microsoft Word.

3. If you have recently viewed a Word document, it will be listed in the Recent documents list in the Microsoft Word start page. You can click on the name to open it.

4. Microsoft also offers an online service called Office Online where you can create, edit, and share Word documents directly on a web browser. To open a Word document using Office Online, you will first need to upload the document to your Microsoft cloud storage and then open it online.

These are the four most common methods for opening a Word document in Windows. Once you have opened the document, you can begin editing or formatting it however you desire.