How do I open an Excel spreadsheet?

Excel spreadsheets can be opened in a number of ways. The most common way is to open the spreadsheet directly from Excel. To do this, launch Excel and then click ‘File’ in the top-left corner of the program window. Then select ‘Open’ from the drop-down menu, and browse to the desired spreadsheet file. Double-click the file to open it.

Alternatively, Excel spreadsheets can be opened from Windows File Explorer by selecting the file and double-clicking. If the spreadsheet is already associated with Excel, the program will automatically open the file.

If the spreadsheet being opened contains macros or other executable code, the user may be asked to enable the content before they can continue. To do this, click ‘Enable Content’ after the ‘Security Warning’ dialogue box appears. This allows Excel to execute the code within the spreadsheet.

Lastly, Excel spreadsheets can be opened from within other programs, such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, through the Insert tab. Select ‘Object’, then choose ‘Create From File’ and navigate to the correct file.

In addition to the above methods, newer versions of Excel allow users to open a spreadsheet by dragging and dropping it onto the open program window. This is a much quicker and easier process.