How do I remove a virus from my computer with Windows Defender?

Removing a virus from your computer with Windows Defender can be done in several steps.

Step 1: Update Windows Defender
Before you begin, make sure that your version of Windows Defender is up to date. To do this, open the Windows Start Menu and type “Windows Defender” into the search box. If it does not appear, you may need to install it first. Once open, click on ‘Update’ found in the left hand pane. This will ensure that the current virus definitions are downloaded.

Step 2: Scan and Remove Viruses
Now that Windows Defender is up to date, it is time to scan for and remove any viruses on your computer. To begin the scan, click on ‘Scan Now’ in the left hand pane. Then select either Full Scan or Quick Scan. The Full Scan will scan every file and folder on your computer while Quick Scan will only scan the most commonly infected areas.

Once you have selected the appropriate scan, it will take some time to complete. When it is finished, you will be given the results of the scan. If any viruses were found, they will be listed here. In order to remove them, simply check the boxes next to them and then click ‘Remove Selected’.

Step 3: Review Results
Once the viruses have been removed, it is important to review the results of the scan to ensure that everything has been taken care of. To do this, click on ‘Logs’ located in the left hand pane. Here you will find a full list of all the files and folders that were scanned, as well as all the viruses that were detected and removed.

If you are satisfied with the results, you can then close Windows Defender and continue with your work.

Step 4: Use Other Security Software
Although Windows Defender is a very effective tool, it is always a good idea to use other security software in conjunction with it. This can provide additional protection against malicious programs and viruses that Windows Defender may not detect.

It is also important to keep these security programs updated with the latest virus definitions so that they can detect any new threats. Additionally, make sure to turn on any additional features such as real-time scanning and auto-scanning to ensure that your computer is always protected.

By taking these steps, you should be able to successfully remove any viruses from your computer using Windows Defender. Be sure to regularly scan your computer for viruses as part of a regular maintenance routine.