How do I scan my computer using Windows Defender?

Windows Defender is a security tool from Microsoft that comes pre-installed in newer versions of Microsoft Windows. It provides a range of virus and malware scanning, prevention, and removal features, as well as options for configuring firewall settings and other security features.

You can scan your computer for viruses and other threats using Windows Defender by following the steps below:

1. Open the Start menu and type “Windows Defender” in the search box.

2. Select Windows Defender Security Center from the search results.

3. If prompted, select the account you want to use, then click Yes to confirm.

4. In the Windows Defender Security Center window, select Virus & threat protection.

5. Click the Scan now button.

6. You will be presented with two options: Quick scan and Full scan.

7. Select Quick scan if you just want to do a quick check for any active threats.

8. Select Full scan if you want to perform a complete scan of your system for any potential threats.

9. Once you have selected the type of scan you want to perform, click Scan now.

10. Windows Defender will begin the scan process and display the progress in the main window.

11. When the scan is complete, it will generate a detailed report of any threats found.

12. Review the report and take any necessary action.

13. Windows Defender will also offer recommendations for dealing with any threats it finds. Follow these recommendations to ensure that your system is secure.

14. When you have finished dealing with any threats it has found, click Close.

These steps will help you use Windows Defender to scan your computer for security threats. It is important to perform regular scans to ensure your system is safe and secure. You may also want to take a look at Windows Defender’s advanced security options, which allow you to customize the way it eliminates threats, as well as its behavior monitoring feature, which can alert you to suspicious activity.