How do I set a default printer in the Windows Control Panel?

Setting a Default Printer in the Windows Control Panel

Windows allows you to set your default printer so that any time you need to print something, it will automatically be sent to that particular printer. This is especially useful if you have multiple printers that you use and don’t want to constantly have to select the correct one when printing documents. It can be done in just a few steps from the Windows Control Panel.

To get started, open the Windows Control Panel. To do this, click the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen, then select “Control Panel”. You can also usually access it by searching for “control panel” in the search bar.

Once you have the Windows Control Panel open, type “default” in the search box at the top right of the window. The first option should be “View devices and printers”, click on this. From here, you should see a list of all of your installed printers.

To set the default printer, right-click the one you want to be your default and select “Set as default printer”. This will set the selected printer as your default, and any time you need to print something, it will automatically be sent to that printer.

You can always change your default printer if needed by simply following the same steps outlined above. You can also add new printers and delete old ones from this window if necessary.

Once you have set your default printer, you can begin using it for all of your printing needs. This will save you time and make sure that you always print your documents to the correct printer.