How do I set parental control settings in Control Panel?

Parental Controls allow parents to control what content their children can access on the Internet and on certain devices.

1. Open Control Panel. To access Control Panel, click the Start button in the bottom-left corner of the screen and then choose Control Panel.

2. Select User Accounts and Family Safety. Find this icon in the Control Panel window and double-click it.

3. Choose Parental Controls. You should find this option listed in the left side of the window.

4. Select a user account. Pick the user account for which you want to set parental controls.

5. Turn on Parental Controls. Once you’ve selected a user account, click the On option to turn parental controls on for that account. This will allow you to set limits for what websites, programs, and games your child can access.

6. Set Time Limits. You can also configure time limits for your child’s usage. You can set daily time limits for each day of the week and also specify when they can log on and off.

7. Block Specific Programs.You can also block specific programs or games by selecting them from the list provided.

8. Monitor Your Child’s Activity.You can monitor your child’s activity with the Activity Log feature. The Activity Log provides detailed information about the time and duration of each session they have online.

9. Customize Web Restrictions.You can customize your web restrictions by selecting different filters based on age appropriateness.

10. Configure Email and Instant Messaging Settings. You can also configure settings to prevent your child from sending inappropriate emails or instant messages.

11. Save Your Settings.Once you’ve configured your settings, click the Save button at the bottom of the window. This will save your settings and apply them to your selected user account.

12. Exit Control Panel. Once you’ve saved your settings, exit Control Panel and your parental control settings will be applied.