How do I view network connections in the Control Panel?

Network connections in Windows can be viewed in the Control Panel by following the instructions below.

1. Click the Start button and select the Control Panel.

2. Once inside the Control Panel, click on Network and Internet.

3. Click Network Connections from the sidebar.

4. In this window you’ll see a list of all of the active network connections on your computer. The names of each connection will indicate which type of connection it is (Ethernet, Wireless, etc.).

5. You can right-click on any of the connections to bring up a contextual menu with more options about that particular connection, including a Diagnose option which will run a basic diagnostic test to make sure that connection is working properly.

6. To make changes to any of these connections, simply double-click on the network connection to open the Status Window. Here you can view more detailed information about the network connection, such as the IP address, whether it is connected or not, the strength of the connection, etc.

7. In this window, you also have the option to turn the connection on and off or change its configuration. You can also right-click on the connection in this window and select Diagnose to run another diagnostic test.

8. If you need to add additional network connections, you can do so by navigating to the “Change Adapter Settings” option in the sidebar. Here you can add new connections as well as delete existing ones.

9. The Network Connections window in the Control Panel is a great place to start if you have any questions about your network connections or need to make any changes.