How do I view the properties of a .ppt file on my Windows OS?

To view the properties of a .ppt file on a Windows operating system, you can use the native Windows Explorer.

1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows Key + E.

2. Locate the .ppt file you want to view and right-click the file.

3. Select “Properties” from the dropdown menu that appears.

4. A window will appear with various tabs containing information about the .ppt file, such as its type, size, date modified, and other details.

5. The different tabs are:

• General – This tab contains basic information about the .ppt file, including its size, location, and when it was last modified.

• Image – This tab includes details about the images within the PPT file, such as the number of images, their total size, and the type of image.

• Features – This tab shows all the features included in the PPT, such as transitions and animation.

• Summary – This tab contains detailed information about the .ppt file and its contents, including the application used to create it.

• Contents – This tab contains information about the contents of the PPT, such as the number of slides, text, graphics, and objects.

• Advanced – This tab provides information about the advanced settings of the PPT file, such as the total number of words, the number of characters, and other technical details.

By exploring these tabs in the Properties window, you can get a better understanding of the .ppt file and its overall characteristics. If you need to make any changes or adjust any settings, then you can do so from this window as well.