How do I view the properties of a .xlsx spreadsheet?

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application used by businesses and individuals to track, organize, and perform calculations on data. Excel offers a range of features including formulas, formatting, charting, and functions that help users quickly analyze large amounts of data. Many Excel features, such as file properties, can be accessed directly from the program interface.

Viewing the Properties of a .xlsx File in Excel

To view the properties of the Excel document, open the file in Microsoft Excel. Once the file has been opened, the properties can be viewed either from the File menu, or via the Document Information Panel.

1. Viewing Properties from the File Menu

a. Click “File” at the top left corner of the window.
b. Click “Info” from the navigation pane on the left. The Properties of the document are displayed in the middle of the window.
c. To view additional information, click the triangle icon next to the “Properties” header.

2. Viewing Properties from the Document Information Panel

a. Click the “File” button at the top left corner of the window, then select the “Options” button.
b. Select “Advanced” from the left sidebar and make sure the checkbox next to “Show Document Information Panel” is checked.
c. The Document Information Panel will appear on the right side of the window.
d. Select the “Properties” tab on the panel. All the properties for the document are listed here.

Common properties that can be viewed include:

• Document title
• Company
• Author
• Subject
• Keywords
• Category
• Status
• Comments
• File size
• Folder path
• Date created
• Date modified

Viewing Properties in Windows

In addition to viewing the properties of an Excel file within Microsoft Excel, you can also view the file’s properties using Windows.

1. Right-click on the file in the Windows Explorer window.
2. Select “Properties” from the context menu.
3. The properties of the file will appear in the window.

Depending on how Windows is configured, you may need to select the “Details” tab to view all the properties. The properties that are available in this window may vary slightly from those which are shown in Excel.