How does Windows Defender protect my computer?

Windows Defender is a powerful security solution that is included in the Microsoft Windows operating system. It provides comprehensive malware protection for your computer, including both real-time monitoring and periodic scans. Windows Defender also includes an anti-spam filter and a firewall for extra protection.

Windows Defender actively monitors your computer for malicious software, and it automatically blocks any malicious programs that it detects. It can also alert you to suspicious activities on your computer, such as changes to system settings or programs. When it finds a suspicious file, it will either delete it, quarantine it, or prompt you to take action.

Windows Defender also has a periodic scan feature, where it will scan your computer periodically to detect any new or existing malicious programs. These scans are typically quicker than a full system scan and can be scheduled to run automatically. If it detects any malicious programs, it will alert you and then attempt to remove them.

Windows Defender also provides a sandbox feature, which helps protect your computer against unknown threats. This feature prevents malicious programs from making any permanent changes to your system, such as installing applications or modifying files.

In addition to detecting and blocking malicious programs, Windows Defender also includes an anti-spam filter. This filter is designed to identify and block unwanted emails and other communications from getting through to your inbox. It can also help to protect your data by detecting and blocking phishing scams, and other fraudulent activity.

Lastly, Windows Defender includes a firewall to help protect your computer from unauthorized access. The firewall monitors all incoming and outgoing network traffic and allows only those connections that are trusted or explicitly allowed by the user. It also helps to reduce the chances of your system being hacked or infected by malicious code.

Overall, Windows Defender is an excellent security solution for protecting your computer. It provides comprehensive malware protection, periodic scanning, an anti-spam filter, a sandbox feature, and a firewall. All of these features help to keep your computer safe from threats, and it can even detect and block malicious programs before they can do any damage.