How does Windows Defender protect my device?

Windows Defender is a suite of security features developed by Microsoft for PCs running their Windows operating system. It is designed to help protect your device from malicious software, such as viruses, spyware, and ransomware. It also helps protect your privacy and defends against phishing attacks and other online threats.

Windows Defender works in the background to help keep your device safe. It first scans for malware, including missing patches and potential attacks. If it detects a threat, it will alert you so that you can take action right away.

Windows Defender also offers real-time protection to guard against new threats. This feature continuously monitors your system, scanning running processes, downloads, and websites you visit. If Windows Defender identifies a threat, it can either quarantine, delete, or block it automatically to keep your device safe.

Besides malware protection, Windows Defender also helps protect your device from unauthorized access. It can identify suspicious activity and alert you if it finds any, giving you time to take action and secure your device.

Windows Defender also includes a firewall to protect your network connections. The firewall is constantly working to protect your computer against unauthorized access, intrusion, and espionage. It monitors data coming into and going out of your device and can protect against various types of attacks.

Finally, Windows Defender also helps protect your privacy by preventing programs from sending personal information to the internet without your permission. It uses a series of settings and configurations to keep your data safe and secure, such as limiting which programs can access your location and camera, controlling what data is shared with applications, and preventing tracking cookies from collecting your browsing habits.

Overall, Windows Defender provides an effective way to help protect your device from malicious software, online threats, and unauthorized access. It constantly monitors your system and takes action if it detects a threat, allowing you to stay safe and secure.