How to clean Visual Studio temporary files with WinUtilities Disk Cleaner?

Visual Studio temporary files created by Microsoft Visual Studio, these file type includes:

  • *.pch
    PCH is the precompiled headers file. It’s a temporary that you can safely delete. You can disable its creation through Project Settings > C++ > Precompiled Headers > Don’t use precompiled headers and removing the stdafx.cpp file from your project.
  • *.ncb
    NCB is the database used by IntelliSense to allow you to browse the symbols defined in your project, including the inline hints and auto completion as you type. You can safely delete it. There is an option to disable IntelliSense too.
  • *.ilk
    File used by Microsoft Visual Studio, an IDE used for developing Windows applications; contains linker data for a compiled executable file (e.g., .EXE or .DLL); enables faster project compilation and linking, especially for larger projects. You can safely delete it.
  • *.exp
    Export (.exp) files contain information about exported functions and data items. When LIB creates an import library, it also creates an .exp file. You can safely delete it.


Steps to remove these VS temp files:

  1. Run WinUtilities Disk Cleaner
  2. Select Options on main screen
  3. Select all Visual Studio temporary file type, like .pch, .ncb, .ilk, .exp

    In this step, you also can add any other file type by clicking “+”
  4. Click Scan Now

  5. Follow the wizard to clean Visual Studio temp files

  6. Done