How to configure a wireless network connection?

1. Ensure that your modem is properly configured and connected to the Internet.

2. Purchase a wireless router (if you don’t already have one).

3. Connect the router to your modem using the cables provided.

4. Plug in the router and power it on.

5. Locate and open your router’s settings. You can do this by either accessing the router’s web interface via a web browser or by using the configuration software provided by the manufacturer.

6. From the router’s settings, configure the SSID (network name) and security settings for your network.

7. Save the settings and then restart the router.

8. Use your computer or device to search for the Wi-Fi network you just created.

9. Enter the security key (if applicable) to connect to the network.

10. If you have any additional devices that need to be connected to your wireless network, follow the same steps in order to access the network.