How to detect price manipulation?

1. Track Small Transactions: Track small transactions in a particular sector or stock to spot any potential signs of price manipulation. Keeping an eye on transactions involving large amounts compared to the market capitalization can be helpful.

2. Monitor Price Volatility: Monitor stocks for unusually large rises or falls in prices within a short period of time. This can indicate that someone is trying to push the price in a specific direction.

3. Analyze Trading Volume: Look at the trading volume of a particular stock to see if there are unusually large or small numbers being traded. Large trades being made in a short period of time or no trades should be investigated further.

4. Monitor Order Book: Monitor the order book to look for any suspicious orders that could potentially be used to manipulate the price of a stock.

5. Stay Alert for Suspicious Activity Reports: The SEC and other government agencies are often the first to uncover signs of price manipulation. Keep an eye out for any news reports or announcements regarding suspicious activity.