How to develop a blockchain strategy?

1. Identify Your Goals: The first step in developing any successful strategy is to understand why you need blockchain and what you hope to achieve with it. Start by taking a step back to think about your business goals and what you want blockchain to help you accomplish.

2. Assess Readiness: Once you have identified your goals, assess your organization’s readiness for blockchain. Consider the technical and organizational capabilities, resources and budget. Also consider the maturity of your existing infrastructure.

3. Choose a Platform: Choose the right platform for your project. This must be based on a comprehensive review of different platforms and should include factors such as cost, scalability, security and performance.

4. Draft a Roadmap: Develop a roadmap that considers all aspects of implementing blockchain technology – from legal and regulatory requirements to building the right team. Be sure to identify potential risks and mitigation strategies.

5. Test and Monitor: Before launching, evaluate and test the blockchain framework thoroughly. Ensure that it meets the standards of security, scalability and performance. Monitor performance closely after launch to identify pain points and areas for improvement.