How to identify a legitimate ICO?

1. Research the project: Start by reading up on the project and understanding the team’s vision. Check out their website, whitepaper, and other relevant documentation. Make sure the project makes sense to you before investing.

2. Check their token sale structure: Make sure the token sale structure is reasonable and can be explained in detail. Look at the total supply of tokens, the distribution of tokens between the founders and investors, and the vesting schedule for team members.

3. Verify team members: Before investing, verify the legitimacy of the team members by checking their LinkedIn profile. Make sure the team members have adequate experience in the industry and are backed by reputable advisors.

4. Read reviews: The crypto community is quite vocal about ICOs. Read reviews from trusted sources to get an idea of what the industry thinks of the project. It’s also worth reaching out to knowledgeable people in the crypto community to get a better understanding of the project.

5. Review the smart contract: Before investing, review the smart contract code to make sure it is robust and secure. Make sure the developers have followed best practices.