How to keep track of your portfolio?

1. Take a snapshot of your portfolio on a regular basis. This could be on a monthly or quarterly basis. Track your net worth, capital gains and losses, as well as the overall performance of your investments.

2. Monitor macroeconomic trends, inflation, and other economic indicators that could influence your portfolio. Pay attention to the stock market, if you are invested in equities.

3. Rebalance your portfolio as needed. This means taking profits off the table, possibly by selling investments, or buying more of other investments, if your strategy has changed.

4. Review the diversification of your portfolio. Make sure you have a good mix of investments spread across different asset classes and sectors.

5. Read reports and news coverage related to the investments in your portfolio. Stay informed about the companies you are invested in, and review portfolio performance regularly.

6. Consider using a personal finance software, such as Quicken or Mint, to keep track of all your accounts in one place. This can help you save time and stay organized.