How to mine Bitcoin?

1. Get a Bitcoin Wallet: Before you start mining, you’ll need to get a wallet to store your progress. You can download a digital wallet, or use a web-based wallet like Coinbase or

2. Join a Mining Pool: A mining pool is a group of miners who combine their computing power and split the mined bitcoin between participants. A adequately sized mining pool offers additional security and faster return on your investment as you are mining the coin with many other miners at the same time.

3. Download a Mining Program: There are several mining programs out there to choose from. We suggest using CGMiner or EasyMiner, as they are the most reliable programs in the industry.

4. Connect Your Mining Program to Your Pool: Once you have signed up for a mining pool, setup your mining program and configure it to connect to your mining pool.

5. Start Mining: Once all the configurations are set and working perfectly, you can begin mining. Depending on the hardware and power consumption of your setup, it could take a few days or even weeks before you start seeing profits.