How to monitor and optimze free memory in the background?

There are many programs and services run at a time on your system and each of which require some amount of memory of the computer. As memory is allotted to each and every program and service on your system, a situation arises that the computer fall short of memory resources.

Why do you need Memory Optimization?

  • Slow program execution time.
  • Windows Hang up.
  • Windows Crashing.
  • Data loss.
  • Unwanted Shutdowns.

If you are facing any of these problem while working on your system then you need Memory Optimizer.

WinUtilities Memory Optimizer module optimizes the Memory Management of Windows. This results in best performance boots.

WinUtilities Memory Optimizer does not require any special configuration neither it will effect your system stability.

It has Wizard like interface consisting of steps:

  • Welcome
  • Memory Information
  • CPU Information
  • Optimize Settings
  • Program Settings

At startup the program will minimize to system tray. When you will right click on the system tray icon of WinUtilities Memory Optimizer, a pop-up window will appear with program options.


  • Show Main Window – It will display the main form of memory optimizer, displaying the wizard for memory optimization.
  • Optimize Now – It will optimize your system memory when you click on Optimize Now option.
  • Memory Usage Information – It shows you current memory position in graphics chart.
  • CPU Usage Information – It shows you current CPU position in graphics chart.