How to recover photos that have been permanently deleted in Windows 10?

Are you trying to recover permanently deleted photos in Windows 10? Now WinUtilities File Undelete Wizard allows you to recover shift deleted photos or photos deleted from recycle bin in Windows 10 with simple clicks.

Steps to recover:

  1. For example, you have a photo named test.png in your drive D:

    And then you accidentally deleted this file permanently.
  2. To recover this photo, you can run WinUtilities Undelete program and select the drive that you want to recover photo from.
  3. Right click this photo, then select Undelete menu command.
  4. Select the folder that you want to save this deleted photo.
  5. Done & Photo comes back again.

> Download WinUtilities Undelete

Recovering deleted files

During scanning, WinUtilities Undelete calculates the chances of successfully recovering a file according to the amount of clusters from the original files that were overwritten by new files. If none of the clusters were overwritten, the file condition is marked as Good; if some clusters were overwritten, the file condition is marked as Poor. If an error was encountered reading a file record, the file condition is marked Unrecoverable.

> Download WinUtilities Undelete