How to Research Cryptocurrencies?

1. Follow Crypto News Sources: A great way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the cryptocurrency market is to follow news sources that cover it. Research popular publications like CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, and Forbes Crypto. You can also find cryptocurrency-specific news sources such as Cointelegraph and Bitcoinist.

2. Analyze the Market: To properly understand what’s happening in the crypto market, you need to analyze it from different angles. Look at crypto price charts from different exchanges and view trading volumes. You should also keep an eye on how certain coins move in relation to one another to gauge their markets.

3. Follow Blockchain Developments: It’s important to be aware of advancements in blockchain technology—the underlying technology of most cryptos. Follow projects that are actively developing applications on the blockchain and pay attention to any hurdles they’re facing.

4. Track ICOs: Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a major part of the cryptocurrency market. They’re used to raise funds for blockchain startups. Do your research on any ICO you consider investing in to ensure the project is credible.

5. Check Out Social Media: Crypto communities are active on social media. Use platforms like Reddit and Twitter to follow discussions related to your favorite coins or projects. Posts on these platforms can give you important insights into what’s going on with various cryptos.