How to spot a crypto scam?

1. Promises of guaranteed profits: If an offer seems too good to be true, it likely is. Scammers will often promise unrealistic and guaranteed returns.

2. Pyramid scheme: Cryptocurrency-based pyramid schemes are not uncommon. Be wary of any investment opportunity that guarantees income based on recruiting other members.

3. Unsolicited offers: Be wary of unsolicited offers or offers that require you to act quickly. These may be signs of a scam.

4. Unregistered investments: Make sure the company or individual offering the investment is registered with the appropriate regulatory body.

5. Lack of transparency: Pay close attention to the organization that is offering the investment. A legitimate cryptocurrency investment won’t have anything to hide and should provide clear information about the team, the project, and the technology.

6. Pressure tactics: Scammers often try to pressure potential victims into investing. Never let anyone rush you into a decision.