How to tell whether a cryptocurrency is credible?

1. Research the team behind the cryptocurrency: Look into the backgrounds of the developers, founders and other members of the team. Check their credentials, and make sure they have a history in the relevant field.

2. Understand the technology behind the cryptocurrency: Evaluate the technology, such as the blockchain or other platform that the currency is built upon to ensure it’s secure. Also, look into how the technology can be used and if there are any practical applications.

3. Research the community: Look into the existing community surrounding the cryptocurrency. Ensure there is an active user base and that the community is passionate about the project. If the development team is highly involved in the community this is usually a good sign.

4. Review the project’s roadmap: Assess theproject’s roadmap to gain insight into the future goals and objectives for the cryptocurrency project. This will enable you to determine if the project has a viable long-term plan.

5. Consider rumours and news: Read as much as possible about the cryptocurrency project, including news articles, comments and speculation. Also, take note of any negative rumours or news associated with the project to determine its credibility.