How to track cryptocurrency prices?

1. Follow Cryptocurrency News Sources: Many cryptocurrency news websites provide up-to-date information about the changing prices of cryptocurrencies. Following reputable and reliable sources can help investors to stay in the know about all the latest price movements of their favorite coins.

2. Use Online Portfolio Tracking Tools: For those that are more serious about cryptocurrency trading and investing, there are many online portfolio tracking tools available. These allow users to track prices across multiple exchanges, as well as follow other data points such as market capitalization, daily volume, and number of coins in circulation.

3. Utilize Crypto Social Networks: Crypto social networks are growing in popularity as a way to stay up to date on the latest price movements. Crypto traders can join various chat rooms and discussion forums to learn from experienced traders, analyze charts, and discuss price movements.

4. Join a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform: Joining a cryptocurrency trading platform is one of the best ways to get daily updates on prices. These sites allow users to set up alerts and notifications when prices reach certain levels. They can also keep track of their portfolios in real time and view candlestick charts detailing market activity over various time intervals.