How to uninstall unwanted software?

Uninstalling unwanted software can often be a difficult and frustrating process. While there are several methods of uninstalling programs, some are less comprehensive than others and can leave behind remnants of the software. It is important to understand how to properly uninstall programs, both manually and with the help of third-party applications, to ensure that all traces of the software are removed and your computer remains in good condition.

Manual Uninstallation

The most basic method for uninstalling programs is manual uninstallation. This entails selecting the software from the list of installed programs in either the Windows Control Panel or Mac OS X’s Launchpad/Applications folder, then following the prompts to uninstall it. The manual uninstallation process may vary slightly from program to program, but generally includes:

1) Selecting the program you want to remove from the list of installed programs
2) Clicking the “Uninstall” button
3) Following any additional prompts to complete the uninstallation process

Although this is the simplest method of uninstalling software, manual uninstallation does have one major flaw: Sometimes, programs will leave behind fragments of files and settings after being uninstalled. These fragments may cause issues with the functionality of your system, allow the program to be reinstalled, or create other problems.

Using Third-Party Applications

For a successful, complete uninstallation of all traces of a program, many users choose to use third-party applications. These applications search through your system for leftover components of the software that you are trying to remove, and give you the option of deleting them all at once.

A popular program for this purpose is WinUtilities, a full suite of advanced system utilities. The program includes an uninstaller feature, which allows you to quickly and easily select the programs you want to remove and delete all of the associated files and settings. WinUtilities also has numerous other features for optimizing and protecting your system, making it an ideal choice for managing your system and keeping it in good shape.


Uninstalling unwanted software is essential in order to keep your system functioning efficiently and securely. Manual uninstallation is the most basic method, but can often leave behind fragments of the software. To ensure that all traces of the program are removed and your system is kept in good condition, it is recommended that you use a third-party program like WinUtilities. Through its powerful uninstaller feature, WinUtilities can scan your system for component parts of the software you are uninstalling and delete them in just a few clicks.