Is there a way to configure my system settings to improve my PC’s speed?

Yes, there are several ways to configure your system settings to improve your PC’s speed.

1) Limiting the number of programs that run at startup: Open the Task Manager and go to the Startup tab to disable programs that you don’t need running at startup. This will help reduce the number of processes running in the background and improve the overall performance of your PC.

2) Increasing your RAM: Adding more RAM to your system can significantly increase your PC’s speed.

3) Disabling unneeded visual effects: Go to your System Properties and select the Advanced tab. Under the Performance section, select the Settings button and choose the Visual Effects tab. On this window, you can choose which visual effects to disable and which to keep enabled.

4) Cleaning up disk space: You can use disk cleanup tools to delete unnecessary files and free up disk space, which can improve your PC’s performance.

5) Updating drivers: Outdated or corrupted drivers can cause your PC to slow down. Make sure to check for the latest drivers available for your hardware and install the latest drivers when appropriate.