Is there a way to customize the start menu in Windows 10?

Yes, Windows 10 offers various ways to customize the start menu.

The most basic way to customize the Start menu is by resizing its width and height, as well as reordering its tiles. To do this, simply click and drag the edges of the Start menu to make it larger or smaller. To reorganize tiles, simply click on a tile, hold down your mouse, and drag it to the desired location. Additionally, you can right-click on any tile or application to pin or unpin it, move it to different groups and create new groups, resize the tile, turn live tile options off or on, and uninstall an app.

You can also personalize many other aspects of the Start menu. To customize the look and feel of it, open the Personalization settings in the Windows 10 Settings app and click on the “Colors” tab. Here, you can choose a custom color for the Start menu, windows, and taskbar. You can even choose one of the many accent colors that come with Windows 10.

Also, under Personalization settings, you have the option to show or hide most used, recently added, and frequent folders in the left nav bar of the Start menu. You can also choose to display user pictures or not, as well as turn live tile options on or off.

Next, you can customize the shortcuts that appear in the Start menu by going to the Start Menu & Taskbar settings page. Here, you can switch between the classic Start menu and the full Start menu. You can also choose which shortcuts are shown in the Recent, Most Used, and All Apps categories by clicking the “+” icon next to each heading. Additionally, you can hide or show the power, search, and settings buttons in the Start menu.

Finally, you have the ability to customize the Start menu’s layout by opening the Layout folder in File Explorer. This folder contains a variety of XML files that change different aspects of the Start menu, including what shortcuts and tiles are displayed, the sizes of the tiles, and what order they appear in. With these XML files, you can tweak your Start menu to be more personalized.

Overall, Windows 10 offers several ways for users to customize their Start menu, allowing them to make it their own. Whether you are a novice user or a seasoned pro, you can easily make changes to your Start menu to make it look and feel the way you want it to.