Is there a way to keep my laptop running at a higher speed?

Yes, there are several ways to help keep your laptop running faster and more efficiently.

1. Uninstall unnecessary programs: One of the easiest ways to free up valuable resources on your laptop is to uninstall any programs that you don’t use or need.

2. Update your operating system: Make sure that you are using the latest version of your operating system, as this can often help to significantly improve your laptop’s performance.

3. Disable startup programs: Many programs start automatically when your laptop boots, so disabling them can help reduce the amount of RAM and system resources that they use.

4. Clean out the cobwebs: Cleaning up your computer’s temporary files, cache, and other clutter can help increase its speed and efficiency.

5. Upgrade your RAM and storage space: Increasing your RAM and hard drive size can have a noticeable impact on your laptop’s performance.

6. Use an SSD: An SSD (solid-state drive) is much faster than a traditional hard drive, and can make a big difference in your laptop’s speed and responsiveness.