Is there any way to reduce memory usage of my computer?

Yes, there are many ways to reduce memory usage of your computer.

1. Close unnecessary applications: When multiple applications are running and competing for RAM, your computer’s performance will suffer. To reduce memory usage, close any programs that are not in use.

2. Update drivers: Outdated or corrupted drivers can also lead to increased memory usage and other performance issues. Make sure to keep all drivers up to date to ensure the best performance.

3. Increase virtual memory: Increasing your virtual memory can help reduce the amount of RAM being used on your computer. This is typically done through System Properties.

4. Reduce startup programs: Many programs automatically start when you turn on your computer. These applications use memory, which can slow down your system. To reduce memory usage, disable any unnecessary startup programs.

5. Use a dedicated task manager: A dedicated task manager can help you identify what programs are using the most memory and help you close them or adjust their settings.

6. Limit background apps: Some applications run in the background and use up RAM even when you don’t have the application open. Try limiting the number of background apps to free up memory.

7. Clear disk space: If your disk space is full, your computer may be overworking itself attempting to clear up the lag. Deleting unnecessary files can help reduce memory usage.