Is Windows Defender compatible with other antivirus software?

Yes, Windows Defender is compatible with other antivirus software. Although it is not recommended to run two or more real-time antivirus programs simultaneously as they can create conflicts and impair the effectiveness of each other, Windows Defender has been engineered to work with other antivirus programs. Microsoft has built in compatibility features in Windows Defender that helps detect if other antivirus programs are installed on the system and automatically disables itself.

To further ensure compatibility, Microsoft has worked with the biggest players in the industry such as Symantec, McAfee, AVG, and Avast to test their products for compatibility when used in conjunction with Windows Defender. As a result, these companies have certified their programs as compatible with Windows Defender.

In addition, Microsoft also recommends users to configure Windows Defender to exclude installed folders of other leading antivirus programs from its scans to improve scanning performance and reduce conflicts among the different security programs.

Furthermore, Windows Defender can also be used together with another antivirus program, provided both programs are compatible with one another and the user configures Windows Defender to perform scans alongside the other antivirus program. To do this, users should launch Windows Defender and go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Exclusions’ and add the directory path of the other antivirus program’s installation folder.

In order to ascertain if Windows Defender is compatible with a certain antivirus product, it is important that users consult the technical support team for either of the programs for confirmation.

When running more than one antivirus program, it is also recommended to check for updates to both programs regularly in order to make sure that the computer remains protected from latest threats. Keeping Windows up to date is especially important as Microsoft regularly pushes out baseline definitions of common malware and exploits.

Overall, while it is better to just run one antivirus program, Windows Defender can be used concurrently with other antivirus software with proper configuration.