My computer is freezing and it seems that the graphic card is causing this issue?

It is very common for computers to freeze unexpectedly, with a wide range of potential root causes. When the issue is believed to be related to the graphics card, it is important to first determine if there is a malfunctioning component or a software problem causing the issue. In this guide, we will cover the various steps to take to troubleshoot why your computer may be freezing due to a suspected graphics card issue.

Hardware Check

The first step in troubleshooting why your computer is freezing due to a suspected graphics card issue is to perform basic hardware checks. Ensure the graphics card is properly seated and connected to the motherboard. It is also beneficial to remove the card, clean it, and reinsert it properly. Alternatively, you can try a different graphics card and observe if the problem persists or not. Additionally, check if the fan on the card is spinning correctly and that there is no dust build-up on the card which could impact its performance.

Driver Check

The next step is to update the graphics card driver. Outdated drivers can cause a variety of issues, including a computer freezing due to a suspected graphics card issue. The best way to determine if the issue is due to an outdated driver is to download the latest version from the manufacturer’s website and install it. If the issue persists after updating the driver, then the problem likely lies elsewhere.

Software Check

Another potential culprit behind a computer freezing due to a suspected graphics card issue is software. Check if the offending program is running in compatibility mode, or if the graphics card settings are adjusted in a way which is causing a conflict. Additionally, consider disabling any unnecessary programs or services to ascertain a software incompatibility.

Overclocking Check

When overclocking a graphics card, there is a risk of exceeding the limits of the card or causing instability which could lead to a computer freezing. Consider resetting the overclocking settings to default and observing if the issue persists. Additionally, increase the voltage slightly to improve stability and reduce the chances of the computer freezing again.

Heat Check

If your computer is frequently freezing due to a suspected graphics card issue, it could be caused by overheating. Check if the temperature of the card is above what is recommended; if so, then a cooling solution may be necessary. Make sure there is sufficient air flow inside the case to ensure proper cooling. Additionally, adding additional fans or replacing existing ones with high quality models is beneficial to keep temperatures in optimal condition.

Power Supply Check

Finally, check the power supply of your computer to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for your graphics card. If the power supply is inadequate, then the card may not be receiving enough power, leading to the computer freezing due to a suspected graphics card issue. Consider upgrading the power supply to one that is reliable and provide ample power to the system to prevent further complications.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why a computer may be freezing due to a suspected graphics card issue. This guide provided information and guidance on troubleshooting the issue by performing various hardware and software checks. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to identify the root cause and address it accordingly.