What antivirus does Windows Defender use?

Windows Defender is a built-in antivirus solution for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It has been built into Windows since Windows 8, and the current iteration, Windows Defender Security Center, was released with Windows 10. The software is developed and maintained by Microsoft, and it is part of the company’s Windows Defender Security Suite.

Windows Defender provides users with real-time protection from the latest threats. It uses an up-to-date, intelligent security engine to identify malicious programs and potential vulnerabilities. Further, it is capable of blocking or removing malware, spyware, and other potentially unwanted programs. Although it does not provide complete protection from all forms of malware, Windows Defender does offer a robust set of features to detect and protect users.

At its core, Windows Defender uses the same underlying engine as other popular antivirus solutions, such as Symantec’s Norton and McAfee’s AVERT technology. All of these engines use heuristics, rules-based and behavioral techniques to detect malicious code and malicious activity. This includes signature-based detection, which is the process of searching the code of a program, file, or the contents of a system memory location, against a predefined pattern of known malicious code. When a match is found, the code is identified as being malicious and is then blocked or removed according to the user’s preferences.

This signature-based approach is complemented with heuristic analysis and network monitoring to detect suspicious behaviors that could indicate a malicious intent. Additionally, Windows Defender can leverage the cloud to access up-to-date threat intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately evaluate the potential risk posed by a program or application.

Windows Defender is designed to protect users from known and unknown threats, and its advanced technology allows it to detect and block malicious software before it has a chance to cause any damage. In addition, Windows Defender can be used to run periodic scans on your system to detect any threats that may have slipped through your existing security measures. It can also be used to monitor applications and processes to ensure they remain safe and trustworthy.

Overall, Windows Defender is an effective antivirus solution that provides comprehensive protection against the latest threats. It combines signature-based detection with heuristic analysis and network monitoring to detect malicious activity and offers users additional protection against emerging threats. Moreover, it is easy to configure and manage, making it an ideal choice for both home and business users.