What are some tips to help speed up an older PC?

1. Clean up your startup: Remove unnecessary applications from your startup so that your PC is not running programs you do not need.

2. Uninstall unused programs: Removing any unused applications will help free space on your PC’s hard drive.

3. Close background applications: You should be closing any applications you are not actively using in order to free up resources.

4. Update your RAM: If you have the means, adding more RAM to your PC can help greatly in speeding up your system.

5. Update your drivers: Out of date drivers can cause your system to run slower as they may not function correctly.

6. Defragment your hard drive: Over time, your PC’s hard drive becomes fragmented and having it defragmented helps it to run more efficiently.

7. Clear Temporary Files: Access the disk cleanup utility in your computer’s settings and clear out all temporary files.

8. Install a Solid State Drive (SSD): An SSD helps speed up your system by replacing your PCs spinning hard drive.