What are some tips to improve PC performance?

1. Close Unused Programs: Running too many programs simultaneously can burden your system and make it run slower. When you are done using an application, make sure to close it instead of minimizing it.

2. Clean Your Hard Drive: Your hard drive stores temporary files and other unimportant documents. To free up space, delete these files regularly.

3. Keep Your Software Updated: Make sure all installed software and operating system are up to date with the latest patches and updates. Doing so will keep your system protected from malicious threats and provide better performance.

4. Disable Unnecessary Services: Some applications automatically run in the background upon startup. You can disable these services in “Services” area of Task Manager to enhance your PC performance.

5. Increase Virtual Memory: If your computer runs out of memory during certain operations, you can increase virtual memory in order to improve performance.

6. Remove Unnecessary Plugins: Some browser plugins and add-ons can slow down your system. So it’s a good idea to remove or disable unnecessary plugins.

7. Scan for Malware: viruses and malicious software can slow-down your system performance. Make sure to regularly scan your computer and remove any malware.