What are some tips to maximize RAM usage?

1. Close Unnecessary Programs: Make sure to close any programs that you are not using or need in order to free up RAM.

2. Reduce Startup Programs: Many programs will set themselves to run automatically when your computer starts up. This can use up a lot of RAM, so consider disabling or uninstalling programs you don’t need.

3. Clean Your Disk: Regularly clean up your disk to get rid of temporary files, cookies, and other junk that can slow down your computer and take up RAM.

4. Keep Your System Up to Date: Make sure you have the latest security updates and software patches installed on your system to ensure that you don’t have any extraneous processes running in the background.

5. Add More RAM: If you find that you are still low on RAM after optimizing your system, consider adding more RAM to your system for an instant boost in performance.