What are the best methods for speeding up my PC?

1. Run a disk cleanup: This is an easy, first step to speeding up your PC as it clears out temporary files and folders that contain junk data.

2. Uninstall unused programs: You may have installed certain programs on your computer that you don’t use anymore. Deleting them can free up space, memory, and improve performance.

3. Check for malware: An infection of malicious software can cause your PC to slow down significantly. Make sure to clean it from your system regularly.

4. Upgrade RAM and storage: When your RAM is too small or your hard drive is filled with too much stuff, your computer may start to lag. Consider upgrading your system’s memory or storage to improve its performance.

5. Adjust power settings: You can save energy and improve performance by adjusting your PC’s power settings. Choose the “High Performance” setting to get the most out of your system.