What are the best settings to optimize my computer’s performance?

1. Uninstall unnecessary programs to free up storage and RAM.

2. Optimize your startup applications and disable any that are not necessary for the computer’s performance.
3. Clean up temporary files and defragment hard drives.
4. Adjust your power settings to make sure your computer is using the optimal amount of power.
5. Update your operating system and device drivers.
6. Utilize cloud storage or other forms of online storage to back up important documents, photos, and other data.
7. Increase your system’s virtual memory to help with multitasking needs.
8. Enable a firewall to protect your computer from malicious software.
9. Check your anti-virus protection and make sure it is up to date.
10. Configure your browser’s settings to block unnecessary pop-ups, cookies, and other features that can slow down your system.