What are the best tools to diagnose and fix PC problems?

1. Windows Event Viewer: Windows Event Viewer is a great tool for diagnosing and fixing PC problems. It collects logs from a variety of sources, such as the operating system, device drivers, applications, and services. These logs can be used to track down any issues that may be causing unexpected behavior in your system.

2. System Restore: System Restore is a great tool that can help you undo changes that have caused problems with your system. It will allow you to restore your system to an earlier time, before the issue occurred.

3. Driver Verifier: Driver Verifier can help you pinpoint any hardware or software driver issues that may be causing your system to become unstable. It can also help identify faulty drivers that may be causing problems.

4. Disk Cleanup: Disk Cleanup is another tool that can help you free up disk space in order to improve system performance. It can be used to delete temporary files, unused programs, and other forms of clutter that are taking up space on your hard drive.

5. Troubleshoot & Diagnose Tools: Windows comes with a variety of troubleshooting and diagnose tools that can help you identify and fix any issues with your system. From the Control Panel, you can access the troubleshoot and diagnose tools, which can help you identify and resolve common problems.