What are the common symptoms of a failing video card?

The most common symptoms of a failing video card can be broken into two categories: visual and system related.

Visual Symptoms:

• Distorted, corrupted, or garbled images on the screen
• Flickering or otherwise unstable display
• Abnormal lines and shapes appearing on the screen
• Blurry or out of focus images
• Colored dots or static-like noise when playing games or watching videos
• Screen artifacts appearing randomly during operation
• Low frame rates or stuttering during games or videos

System Related Symptoms:

• Slow startup times
• Delayed response or no response to mouse or keyboard input
• Random computer restarts
•BSOD (blue screen of death) or other error messages
• Overtemperature or fan noise
• High power consumption or poor battery life
• Unusual or excessive heating of the video card
• Inability to run certain applications or games
• Device not being recognized by the operating system