What are the main features of Windows 11?

1. Enhanced Security: Windows 11 offers improved security features such as stronger encryption, ransomware protection and a built-in virtual private network (VPN).

2. Improved User Interface: Windows 11 has a modernized user interface with customizable themes, unified search, and improved context menus.

3. Intelligent Personal Assistance: Windows 11 includes Cortana, a voice-activated virtual assistant that can help you with tasks such as scheduling meetings, setting reminders, and searching for information.

4. Cloud Storage: Windows 11 allows users to store their files in the cloud, making it easier to access them from multiple devices.

5. Timeline: The timeline feature allows users to easily switch between tasks and quickly resume activities from earlier sessions.

6. Dynamic Updates: Windows 11 offers dynamic updates, which allow your PC to automatically download and install updates when they become available.

7. Task View: Task view makes it easier to manage multiple open windows. It allows users to group windows by task, making it easier to find and organize them.

8. Quick Access: Quick Access is a feature that provides quick access to frequently used apps and documents, as well as other options such as OneDrive, Photos and Maps.

9. Action Center: The Action Center allows users to quickly access notifications and settings. It also has options to control which notifications are visible.

10. Start Menu: The start menu in Windows 11 has been redesigned to make it easier to find and launch apps. It also supports folders and third-party app launchers.